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What are cycling shorts or cycling shorts?
Cycling shorts (bike shorts) are clothing specially designed for cyclists, Sunday or high-level. With its ultra-slim fit, it allows total freedom of movement, while providing great muscle support.

Composed of a light and breathable fabric (usually Lycra or polyester), the shorts are often (and fortunately) padded at the buttocks. This padding, in gel or foam, is made to provide essential comfort and greater ease during bike rides, whether short or long. And on top of all that, the shorts are often available with straps that allow optimal support during exercise.

To achieve a higher level of style, aerodynamics and visibility on the road, the shorts are often worn in combination with a cycling jersey. With that, you're almost ready for the Tour de France or for the tour of Lac-des-Nations.

Large selection of revolutionary cycling shorts
Mesbobettes is pleased to offer a large selection of cycling shorts under the BN3TH brand. A real revolution in the cycling clothing market, the BN3TH cycling shorts are one of a kind: They are made with MyPakage Pouch ™ technology, ensuring the best support for family jewels.

It also has an unparalleled buttocks pad: a 3mm thick pad at the base of the parts and 12mm at the back, to ensure the best comfort. Several areas are also made of silicone allowing the boxer to stay in place during activities and movements. In addition, it is made from an anti-odour fabric that allows ideal ventilation during bike rides.

The composition in detail:

  • IONIC+™ NO STINK Technology
  • MyPakage Pouch™ Technology
  • 82% Polyester, 11% spandex, 7% ionic+polyester
  • STS Pad™ Cushion

Mesbobettes loves BN3TH
Mesbobettes has been behind the BN3TH company since its very beginnings. This Canadian company is well known for having invented and developed Mypackage technology, the famous pocket inside the boxer which increases the comfort, but above all the support of men's underwear. In addition to its expertise in the boxer world, BN3TH also invests money and energy in the development of new performance products, such as hockey shorts and cycling shorts.

PS: We will tell the story of BN3TH in another blog post.

Whether it's for exploring the slopes in town, hurtling down those in the mountains or in the woods, the BN3TH bib shorts will allow you to experience the best of your sport, without being afraid of getting your testicles stuck. So, discover the BN3TH technology, it will change your life!

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