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When we founded Mesbobettes and Hook Underwear, Phil and I developed a powerful creative content strategy that stands out from both a marketing and e-commerce perspective. But to succeed, we needed an artist, an outstanding photographer who would allow us to put our wildest ideas into images.

an old friendship

Jean-François Perreault, of the JFP Visual Communications group inc. , it is our man behind the camera who concretizes our concepts and who transcends the limits of our imagination. What first started as a photography assignment for the Lubie agency quickly developed into a business relationship, a creative collaboration and a sincere friendship.

The birth of Hook Underwear

First Hook Underwear

While the project to create our brand of men's underwear was still in its infancy, we already knew that we wanted to produce original and irreverent content that would make people laugh! We wanted to rely on a talented person, who had great expertise to implement our content strategy. Worse JF is the man we needed.

Beyond photography

Why Jean-François rather than another? Because he is much more than an executing photographer, he is an outstanding creative, thinker and director. His technique, but above all his originality and his passion, allow us to raise our visual concepts to a higher level, to give them their full meaning. In addition to the right lighting, the framing, he knows how to stage our eccentric ideas, he adds his color and his creative touch.

Burst photo shoots

Funny underwear pictures

Working alongside Sam, our artistic director for Hook Underwear for over two years, the photographer gives us the benefit of his knowledge and knowledge. “Not all photographers would like a sheep in their studio. But in addition to embarking on our craziest ideas, JF takes the time to teach me some tricks of the trade. It makes my work better and more efficient, which allows us to always go further together in our creations. »

Choosing THE best photo among the 500 shots, orienting the cast well, knowing how to stage a powerful idea through the light, the framing, the angle of view... these are all these little things and these learnings that have enabled us today hui to present impactful humorous campaigns.

A story of laughter

Funny sessions

And it must be said, take funny and original photos of men in underwear, it's not always easy. In fact, it almost never is. In addition to fighting the stereotypes of society, wanting to make it funny and not sexy, enticing, you have to know how to guide the model, put him at ease so that it looks natural, that we feel the emotion. With JF, the atmosphere is relaxed, pleasant and laughter abounds. Not just because we make models sing opera or ask them to give a plant a prostate test...

But also because we have all become a gang of friends with its share of bullshit, jokes and memories. Like the time when, after having mucked up the photography studio, the firefighters came to visit us because the fire alarm in the commercial building had gone off.

From the photo shoot with a sheep to the snow blower, our combined creativity knows no bounds. It must be said, all of this has evolved over time! JF, we are really happy with our collaboration and our history together and we sincerely hope to be able to benefit from your talents for a long time to come.

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  • Je découvre peine votre boutique en ligne…vraiment une bonne expérience a vivre ! Vous êtes génials ! Bien mieux que de magasiner en direct. Je vous souhaite tout le succès que vous méritez !

    Martin on

  • Félicitations pour les belles photos. Je trouve qu’elles représentent bien la mise en valeur de l’homme, et ce peu importe la corpulence. Je suis un client très content de mes sous-vêtements Hook et c’est un confort perpétuel. Votre site personnalisé et simple à utiliser donne envie d’y magasiner et les photos apportent un dynamisme et un climat où les hommes se sentent compris et à leur place. Bravo pour les tous derniers modèles, ils sont très beaux et attrayants!!

    Mikael on

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