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Pump Spring Fling Jogger

Pump Underwear


• Turqoise Blue and Yellow Micromesh/Cotton Blend • White Stitch on Cup • Micromesh Pockets • Yellow Piping on Cup and Pockets • 45mm Wide Blue and Yellow Elastic Waistband • Yellow Leg Elastic You’ll look like you’re ready to be seen with your pants off when you’re in our PUMP! Spring Fling Jogger. Its bright colors are sure to draw the eye in all the right places. And you won’t hesitate to lounge in these with their comfort, breathability and unique pockets. 94% Cotton 6% Spandex


Catégorie: boxer, Color_Bleu, nylon, Pump, Pump-size, sexy

Types de produits: boxer

Marques: Pump Underwear

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