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In the world of men's underwear, we tend to mix and confuse two terms: the string and the thong.

Even though they share similarities, there are some (quite subtle) differences between these two styles. We will explain this to you so that you can become the champion in the field!

The thong for men

The thong for men is, let's say it, a fairly minimalist underwear: a thin strip of fabric at the front, offering minimal support, and a very thin strip (which passes between the buttocks) at the back.

It is a daring, sometimes provocative underwear, which enhances the man's body, in a sexy and sensual way.

Made from soft and stretchy fabrics, the men's thong is perfect for those looking for a simple fit, a sexy look and a feeling of total freedom.

The thong for men

The thong for men offers a little more coverage than the thong. The band of fabrics at the front is quite similar, but the one at the back is wider and more important. The feeling of comfort can therefore be better and the support a little more optimal.

The key difference
As you will have noticed, the main difference between the thong and the thong for men is in the back cover. The choice between the two styles depends on individual preferences and desired coverage. Some will prefer the more minimalist feel of the thong, while others will opt for the extra comfort offered by the thong.

Whether you choose a thong or a thong, both allow you to assert your personality and your self-confidence. They are often available in an array of colours, patterns and fabrics. So, if you are looking to surprise your partner or simply express your style, the options are endless! Happy shopping :)

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