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Where does this crazy idea come from?

It all started in 2010 in an internal project developed by our communication agency Lubie. We wanted to develop our own e-commerce and test our basics in marketing and communication. We had to find what product to sell before starting the project and the idea of ​​underwear was the first and seemed very promising to us. What's more pocketable than going shopping for ugly underwear at a big box store? This is how the idea became a business.

The team on the starting line on day 1

Initially, the team consisted of people from finance, show business, communications and retail. We were confident we had a strong team to grow our business and deliver a new way to shop for men.

Our mission

The mission is still the same after 3 years of hard work. Introduce men to the benefits of wearing quality underwear and make it as easy as possible for them to buy them. Initially, Quebec was our playground, currently we are developing all of Canada and the United States because we are convinced that we have the best offer for all North American men.

The selection of our products

Our team of buyers takes care to choose the best possible brands and products for our customers. The final price paid by our customer is also a point of great concern to us and we make sure to offer the best possible prices on all our products. We also make sure to have only quality products while keeping a reasonable price range between $9.99 and $39.99.

Customer service

On day 1, customer service was the focus of our business as we wanted to break the idea of ​​the depersonalized website. For us, the online store is not a tool to hide from our customers but rather a tool to get the best men's underwear. That's why we always have bilingual advisors on site to answer your questions about how the site works, purchasing policies and even about the different products. We know all the products we sell and are able to advise you on each of them.