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Are you looking for what to give your better half for Valentine's Day? Well, why not buy him a gift from Mesbobettes?

Just for you, here are 4 good reasons to choose a comfortably sexy gift!

1 - To awaken the fire that sleeps

On Valentine's Day, it's the time to get together as a couple to ignite passions. So we created a 100% dirty game to spice up your relationship! The Pairs in the Air game , designed by our team, is perfect if you are looking for an original gift to encourage connections.

The Pairs in the Air game is available in a thematic pack including two pairs of boxers, two pairs of stockings! Click here to learn more !

2 - To express your desire

Giving boxers is a subtle (or not) way of expressing your desire and strengthening intimacy in your relationship. By giving your partner underwear, you're definitely going to ask them to try them on, right? Why not take advantage of it to experience a sexy and naughty moment.

We have several gift ideas for bobettes! Click here to find out !

3 - To have a little laugh

This year, our team created something pretty special: the OMG booklet, the 18 worst sex stories. Bringing together the worst (REAL) sex stories, this booklet is offered as a bonus gift with the purchase of certain packs including Valentine's Day boxers.

OMG - the booklet of the 18 worst sex stories

We are convinced that you and your boyfriend will have a good laugh reading these completely crazy stories. Here is an excerpt to tease you a little:

“I was in CEGEP and I had been seeing a girl for a few weeks. One evening, we were at her house and we wanted to try something new. We decided to take advantage of it while his father was gone. In the living room, on the sofa, we undress and get started..."

If you want to discover the packs including the free booklet, click here .

4 - For the practical and durable side

Chocolate is very good, but it doesn't last very long. So, if you want to combine business with pleasure, we have several classic and original suggestions for you! From socks to t-shirts and dressing gowns, our gift ideas don't just stop at underwear.

Does that intrigue you? Meet here .

There you have it, giving your boyfriend underwear or comfortable clothes for Valentine's Day is a fun and intimate way to celebrate your relationship while rekindling passion.

Happy shopping and happy love day to all!

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