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It seems that every little gesture for the planet counts. This is why MesBobettes has chosen to use 100% compostable bags for the packaging of its parcels from now on. Yes, yes, compostable! Think again (or rest assured) your new pair of underpants won't arrive all fermented, giving off a fetid smell.

If you have a green soul and compost at home, the ecological bag will degrade in 180 days or in 90 days if it is commercial composting! Amazing, right? But, what are these “green” packaging made of? Don't worry, I did the checks and the scientific research for you!

Manufacture of compostable bags

Composed of resin and bioplastics (PBA, PBAT), they use corn as a raw material. If you put it in the microwave, it won't make popcorn. Be careful, your bag is still plastic, but ecological. The manufacturer turns the corn into starch, then into pellets, then into compostable plastic bags.

You may be wondering if your package will arrive in good condition with our new grano packaging… the answer is yes. Here's what it will look like:

Corn-Based Compostable Bags

Bags made of bio-polymer like this are even more efficient than traditional packaging: rather than tearing when the contents are too heavy, the material stretches evenly. Plus, it's waterproof.

So, when you buy from MesBobettes, you can have a clear conscience. The bags we post compost. As a bonus, you get a nice little organic fertilizer for your tomato plant.

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