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The story of the Lucky Month

In 2021, the month of March did not announce anything extra.

We had our eyes glued to our screens, watching press conferences. We discovered concepts that were still very obscure, confinement , social distancing , curfew … nothing very happy.

So at Mesbobettes, we decided to do our part to increase the Quebec happiness index by adding a dose of joy to the lives of our customers.

This is where the St. Patrick's Day Lucky Pack was born: a pack containing a scratch ticket that gives the chance to win a cash prize of $1,000!

Alexandre, former winner of the Lucky Pack

Yes, but...

We didn't want to stop there. We wanted to do more. More happy people, more prizes, more joy, more everything!

And now in 2023, three years after the creation of the famous Pack, we have reached another level on the scale of joy: the Lucky Pack, which was only one winner, has become the Lucky Month which does not only winners.

Never suck if discovered

So during Lucky Month, every purchase guarantees a prize!

Buying a simple pair of socks can become a cash prize, a discount card or even… a $3,000 travel credit offered in collaboration with Agence Voyages Aqua Terre Sherbrooke . It's dreamy huh ?

Would you like to know more? See you here !

Happy Lucky Month and…
everyone wins!

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