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There are several reasons behind the strong growth in the men's underwear market and here are the top four!

  1. The look and the comfort . Men are becoming more and more conscious about their appearance and comfort. Underwear is no longer seen as just a basic item, but rather as an important accessory that can impact how a man feels and looks.

    Do you want to combine look and comfort? Take a look at the Bodyskin products (for women and for men ) and the Hook collection!

  2. More suitable products . In recent years, the men's fashion industry has grown, offering many brands of underwear specifically designed to meet today's needs. Underwear is no longer just one-size-fits-all underwear that fits any body type, but is designed to provide a better fit and improved support.

    Are you looking for a product adapted to your needs? We invite you to discover Hook, our house brand. You will find Hook Freedom (a more classic boxer, without a pocket close) and Hook Feel (our boxer with the famous pocket pocket). And in addition, the models are offered in boxer , short boxer and some are even available in long boxer .

  3. The way of life . Men are more active (yééé)! The increase in physical and sporting activities has led to the need for high performance underwear to ensure adequate comfort and functionality.

    Would you like to have underwear that ensures your comfort during your race or your training? Hook Feel , equipped with the pocket pocket, is your best friend! It provides support, maintenance and avoids any unpleasant friction.

  4. The Web . The rise of e-commerce and online shopping is making it easier to access a wider variety of underwear, providing better options for consumers.

Whether you are sporty or simply looking for a product adapted to your body, we have a range of choices to make your life smoother and more comfortable!

Good shopping :)

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