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Long boxers have been gaining popularity in recent years! And here is a small list of the reasons why some men prefer them:

Super comfort

Boxer briefs are designed to provide extra comfort by providing more coverage, especially around the thighs. They can also help prevent chafing and skin irritation.

Top support

Long boxers offer increased support. It's perfect for athletes and active men who need extra support during physical exercise. Bonus: they can also help prevent muscle pain and cramps!

Good protection

Long boxers can provide additional protection against the cold and wind. This makes them ultra popular with men who work outside during the cold season, who practice winter sports or who are simply chilly!

    In the end, the choice to wear long boxers depends on your tastes and interests! But if you want comfort, extra support and good winter protection, we advise you to discover our different models from the Hook collection !

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