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Pump! impress with their sporty look and contrasting design. Founded in 2009 in Montreal, the Quebec company combines audacity, dynamism and sensuality.

A variety of cuts

Pump! are fitted to the body. Fairly short, athletic-style underwear provides good support for active men. Their powerful lines emphasize the male anatomy.

A colorful style

Pump! imposes no limits. The company is one of the first to put forward graffiti-like designs. Today, the contrasting colors, the sporty inspiration and their energetic image are the key elements of the brand. Blue, red, orange and yellow are opposed to white and black to attract the eye. The brand thus differentiates itself from other underwear companies with a sober and refined design.

Pump underwear!

The importance of comfort and quality

Great importance is placed on comfort when making Pump underwear! Softness and durability criteria influence the choice of textiles. In order to meet these requirements, the brand does not hesitate to create its own fabrics to create a breathable material that gives a second skin effect.

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