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When Adam shared his comments and his story with us, we immediately thought that it deserved to be known! Whether it's to help more people, raise awareness or give them a voice, we wanted you to read about their journey. The next lines are therefore all from Adam: they are his words, his voice, his life.

Classic romantic staging: candles illuminate the room, rose petals are spread everywhere and, in front of me, my better half is lying on the bed. I pull down my pants with as much sexiness as I can muster and... Ploc! My “package” leaves my crotch, exits through the leg of my boxers and falls to the ground, bringing with it my self-confidence. It changes the mood all of a sudden!

No, no, I was not suddenly emasculated! In fact, I am a trans person; I was assigned female at birth even though I identify as male. Gender transition comes with many challenges and the choice of underwear is one of them! To feel better in my body, I pack: I wear a penile prosthesis in my boxers to reproduce the sensation and the visual aspect of a penis, a dick, a peen, a johnson, a pocket, a member, in short! To look like you have something between your legs. Not all undergarments perform well in keeping my prosthesis secure.

It is possible to buy underwear specifically made for prostheses, but they are often quite expensive, limited in design choice and the mailing time can be long since they are mainly American products. One afternoon, I took my packer and my courage in both hands and I entered a place that is still mystical to me, the Mesbobettes boutique. It's always stressful to be vulnerable to a stranger and to wait for their reactions. Will I experience discrimination? Am I safe? Will the person understand?

A counselor greets me at the entrance and I suddenly unpack: that I am transmasculine and that I am looking for something that will allow me to pack so that my prosthesis does not come to say hello impromptu. The guy is super friendly and offers me a boxer with a pocket pocket. These styles are made with a divider that helps keep the cis guys (the opposite of trans) pack cool and dry by taking it off the body. In my case, the pocket comfortably accommodates my prosthesis and keeps it in place all day, whether I'm walking, jogging, jumping, or rescuing a family from a burning building. There's no risk of my penis slipping out of my boxers and crashing to the ground, in full view of everyone.

I fell in love with the Hook brand from that day. The pocket at the front holds all types of prostheses perfectly and creates a silhouette that makes me want to wink at myself in the mirror in the morning. It has choice when it comes to colors and designs; something to please everyone! In addition, one of the effects of taking testosterone is an increase in daily sweat production and during exercise. Well, the fabric of the Hook boxers is partly made of bamboo fibers, which makes the garment light, lets it breathe and makes it dry super quickly. No wet butt parting during the day. Icing on the cake: it's a Quebec brand and you don't have to wait 127 years before receiving your package if it's ordered by mail!

I have since recommended Hook boxers to my relatives who want to pack in complete peace of mind. It's much cheaper than specialty American brands and Mesbobettes has always been open-minded and inclusive from the start. When I go there, I feel comfortable being myself, but one myself with better boxers!

Adam Montminy

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