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Mesbobettes ambassador program

Are you an influencer and have you developed your audience on social media?

Benefit from your efforts!

Join our community

Mesbobettes has given itself the mission of spreading the comfort of family jewels to Quebec men. We want them to discover the most comfortable brands and put old panties, irritation and discomfort to death.

Do you also want to spread well-being… Do you share our values ​​and are you a loyal customer or a compulsive buyer on behalf of your better half? Join the team of Mesbobettes ambassadors and let's spread stylish and above all cozy panties for men!

Your advantages


Receive a 10% rebate on the sales you generate


Be the first to receive our products and test them


Enjoy visibility on our platforms


Take part in our special events


Get a promotional code to share with your community

your mission

As an ambassador, you are committed to spreading the love of panties! It's simple when you love the products:

- Share the mission of Mesbobettes and create original personalized content using videos, photos or blog posts.

- Shares the content of Mesbobettes.

- Invite your acquaintances to try our products with your dedicated promotional code .

- Plays a role in the development of the company during occasional surveys and product developments.

How does this program work?

It's simple, you just have to register and we will contact you!

Send us your application today.

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