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In the last year, we have helped to evolve the men's boxer industry by selling thousands of boxers with a pocket to pocket . Two years ago, we smelled the opportunity with this revolutionary product but the last year has been more tedious for this type of boxer. This famous boxer that everyone is talking about is offered by three companies that are competing for this market once intended for athletes and now oriented for all men who want to be comfortable.

Here is a video that we created to explain the advantages of this boxer

First of all the leader and the one who invented the famous pouch that supports sex: Saxx .

Saxx boxers for men

This company is originally from western Canada and experienced tremendous growth in 2015. Their products are loved by our customers and people are asking for more. Our most popular products are the Kinetic and the Vibe. The Kinetic is made primarily of nylon and offers extraordinary support in addition to wicking away moisture like no other. It is adored by athletes because it is very tight at the thigh and does not go up the leg.

Saxx Kinetic men's boxers

As for the vibe , it is made of viscose which makes it very soft and supple which is perfect for every day. I also use it for sports because it fits well, it breathes and does not ride up on the thigh as well. We have sold several thousand Vibe and customers are crazy about this product that will change your perception of men's boxers .

Saxx Vibe men's boxers

The Saxx brand offers eye-catching and perfect designs for most customers. Prices vary between $32 and $40. Saxx also offers a range of legging-style training pants that feature great fabrics for sports in addition to the famous pocket.

We also offer the Mypakage brand which was designed by 2 former Saxx employees.

Mypakage men's boxers

The guys redesigned the pouch to pull the package up and provide even more support. They believe that it is more comfortable to practice a sport. Honestly, I don't see any difference between Mypakage and Saxx in terms of comfort. Mypakage offers much the same kind of product as Saxx apart from the cover which is different and the type of fabrics. The Weekday model is made of modal which makes it very soft and pleasant to wear.

Mypakage Weekday boxer for men

The Pro series is made of polyester which makes the boxer more efficient and offers even more breathability.

Don't wait any longer to try on this revolutionary boxer that could even change your life.

Philippe Vachon

President Mesbobettes

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