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We have just received the new Premium Icefill boxer from MYPAKAGE ! This boxer is completely revolutionary, because in addition to having all the qualities of the other Mypakage models, that is to say that it does not roll on the upper thigh and has a pocket pocket to support you all the way. day, it is made with a fabric that will allow you to be cool on long days or when practicing your favorite sport. And when we say "Cooler ", we mean it! The temperature can drop by 5 degrees Celsius thanks to the material of which this boxer is made. The Icefill is the most expensive boxer among our selection of pocket-to-pocket boxers , but it is one of the best-selling ones. We have many customers who have returned to buy several after trying it. Quite a home run for the Mypakage brand!

The Icefill boxer is available in 2 colors and retails for $54.99.

Summary of properties:

  • Does not go up on the thigh
  • Contains a pocket to support sex
  • Lowers the temperature and stays dry (-5 degrees Celsius)
  • Reduces irritation between the thighs
  • Gives more leg room when playing sports
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