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It is with excitement and pride that we present to you our “new baby”: Hook Underwear . This new brand of men's underwear was born from long reflection and hard work over the past few years. Our desire was to offer a product aimed at active men who seek comfort at a reasonable price! That's what we offer with Hook Underwear!

Many men, who work physically or who practice sports on a regular basis, do not even know that this type of underwear exists. Our current challenge is therefore to convince them to try our product… and we are confident that they won't be able to do without it!

So guys, tell us! Have you ever felt irritated between your legs after an active day? Have you ever lost your patience constantly repositioning your boxers and pack to get everything back in place? With the POCKET POCKET TM built into Hook Underwear, you'll have full support! This will prevent friction between your testicles and your thighs, so you are more comfortable. Plus, our boxers were designed not to roll up the thigh, and they're made with bamboo to help wick away moisture. What's more, the bamboo is soft to the touch, which will make your loved one happy!

In short, here is a boxer designed by active guys, for active guys! We have listened to your concerns and we will continue to do so to develop products that meet your expectations and your reality.

Thank you for your support… and see you soon, in store or online!

Philippe Vachon and David Côté-Hamel
President and VP Marketing of Underwear

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  • Bonjour mon conjoint et mon fils on déjà porté les saxx mais ils disent que le tissu viens vite lousse et de leurs testicules se déplace pareils
    Mon fils porte du 29 de pantalon il a pris small
    Mon conjoint porte 32 de pantalon et a pris médium
    Là ils veulent essayer les hook!est ce que vous croyez que le tissu va moins bouger et que le tout va rester à la bonne place?
    Merci beaucoup 🌞

    Gina Bouchard on

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