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It was at the end of a day like any other, about 3 months ago, that time stopped and something clicked for my partner David and me.

That day, we were unpacking an order of Hook boxers and we asked Fred, the first member of our team dedicated to customer satisfaction, to remove the steps that preceded the opening of the "chat" tools by line and phone calls.

To make a long story short, we had put in place different strategies to answer your thousand and one questions before having access to Fred by the "chat" or the telephone. The majority of you gave up before you even got to talk to us.

In short, we continued to unpack our order mechanically, without talking to us too much and suddenly the phone rang. A customer wanted to place an order, but was unable to enter his promo code. 2 minutes later, boom, an online “chat” request for information on pocket pockets. A few minutes later, another phone call to inquire about the current promotion. An hour had passed and Fred had been busy helping 4-5 people on the phone and answering 3-4 online “chats”.

It was after this hour that we said to ourselves that it didn't make sense to have only one person to meet the needs of around 2,000 people a day. We immediately drew a parallel with our physical store where 2 guys work there, top advisors, handsome guys, smiling, kind and helpful, available to a large 50 people / day. 40 times more people with 2 times less resources. It made no sense and we had every intention of improving the situation quickly.

That's why, from that moment, we decided to do everything possible to support you, advise you and accompany you in your shopping experience.

It was the start of a great adventure.

3 months later

Freshly moved to our new premises, we quickly hired Sylvain, Fred's new "teammate". These are the 2 guys who will be happy to help you with your shopping experience on our online store 7 days a week.

We will certainly make mistakes, but know that we will always have your satisfaction at heart and that we will always be in solution mode in order to offer you a friendly, easy and perhaps even funny experience...

Moreover, we have already improved the accessibility of our “Online chat” tool and telephone call center. We have also implemented internal policies and ongoing training for our team members.

Our desire is to provide you with exceptional customer service and shopping experience, we are looking for the famous wow effect! You will quickly notice our authentic approach at a human level. We are here to listen to you, understand your concerns and guarantee your satisfaction. We are also here to offer you valuable advice related to boxers: size, fabrics, inseam height, brands offered. etc You'll talk to guys here who will take your concerns to heart.

Since the very beginning of Mesbobettes, the satisfaction of our customers has always been one of our fundamental values. I have always had a great interest in this aspect within the company. I myself did the customer service after my appearance on the show in the eye of the Dragon. It was essential for me, I took great pleasure in it and I learned more about your concerns and your reality.

Do not hesitate to give us your comments on your experience with us.
We always want to improve!

We'll talk about it again in a year; )

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  • Bonjour, j’ai placé 2 commandes sur votre site internet la semaine passé, soit le 16/09/19. J’ai
    commandé 1 pack du travail et 1 pack de la saint-jean et je dois
    dire que je suis très satisfait de
    vos produits question confort et
    design. De plus, la livraison est
    très rapide. Par contre, après 1
    premier lavage j’ai remarqué un
    trou dans une de mes paires(ma
    préférée!). J’ai une photo à l’appuie, mais je ne peux pas l’apposer à mon commentaire.

    Maxime on

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