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We launched our unisex collection of Bodyskin a few weeks ago and we never thought we would get so much enthusiasm from our customers. Indeed, you have overwhelmed us with positive comments on the quality of our products and on the choice of our models. We are therefore very proud to be considered an inclusive company. Mesbobettes and the Bodyskin brand are committed to continuing to promote acceptance of oneself, one's body and the bodies of others.

Tolerance and diversity

Bodyskin is a brand advocating diversity that seeks to offer comfort to all Quebecers, regardless of their shape, skin color, religion and race. Its mission is of course to offer a pedestal to the entire Quebec community in order to allow more tolerance in society. The difference is a beauty and not a restrictive constraint. Diversity should never be a barrier for humans seeking to live their dreams and live peacefully.

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In life, everyone has a different journey and it is important for Bodyskin to share and show it. Giving visibility to bodily diversity and cultural diversity allows us to grow as human beings and see life through different eyes. We've learned a lot in the last few months, and that's why we want to enrich the rest of our community. The diversity and inclusion of each person allows us to discover what is the true richness of being loved and appreciated by all of society. This is why we firmly want to show the Quebec population in its entirety.

Normalize inclusion and audience response

Public response to our diversity position and publications has been incredibly well received. We receive a lot of positive responses, both in our publications and in customer service. However, for us, this is not enough. We therefore want this brand positioning to become a standard and a reality. We don't want people to be surprised when they see diversity in our visuals. This is why we will continue to offer a forum to the entire population of Quebec, with the aim of standardizing the photos of normal people. Thus, we will make a realistic representation of our community and our subscribers when they wear our unisex underwear.


Bodyskin is committed to providing a more tolerant and inclusive world for all people looking to purchase quality underwear. That's why we will eventually offer new models in XXXL sizes to allow more customers the opportunity to get the best underwear on the market. In addition, we will seek to offer even more visibility to all Quebecers who are part of our beautiful community by continuing to diversify the models in our advertising campaigns. Moreover, if you are interested, you can listen to the interview that Philippe Vachon, the president of Mesbobettes, conducted with Radio-Canada on the subject of diversity by clicking right here .

Bodyskin, for diversity and difference

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