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Comfort for all!

The satisfaction and comfort of our customers are certainly our two most important missions. This reality therefore explains our incessant desire to respond to the new requests that are sent to us. We therefore announce that from today, we will be distributors of women's underwear and lingerie. We are very proud to offer Quebec men the best underwear on the market at very competitive prices and today, it is high time to think about women. To thank you and to meet a growing demand to offer women's products, we present five Quebec brands of women's underwear that we will offer at Mesbobettes.


Bodyskin Daily Teal Cheeky Panties

Bodyskin is an authentic and inclusive brand that offers underwear for all body types. Its mission is to reinforce the acceptance of oneself, of one's body, of that of others and to celebrate difference. Her vision is to make the world more tolerant of our diversity and to embrace the beauty and uniqueness in each of us. Its objectives are to erase the standards of beauty and to offer visibility to all women and men, regardless of their age, sex, orientation, weight, morphology, religion, skin color and their appearance.

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Sokoloff Lingerie is an independent Quebec lingerie house. This brand relies heavily on self-acceptance in order to create a new standard of beauty. She adopts a sparkling and delicate attitude in order to promote a healthy, unique and authentic body image. Sokoloff Lingerie has the desire to offer products created in an ethical way by meeting several environmental criteria, by participating in sustainable development and by focusing on respect for its employees. This magnificent brand offers underwear with an exceptional cut and comfort to women who are just as exceptional.

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Pop Underwear

Brazilian panties I have butterflies Pop Underwear

Pop Underwear is a brand of comfortable and poppy women's underwear. This company, founded in 2019, was propelled by a desire to fill a lack of explosive and funky designs in the women's underwear market. Finally, the desires of the two entrepreneurs who created Pop Underwear are to include all women and men, regardless of their age, culture, body and ethnicity.

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Undz underwear is crazy and very affordable. This brand has the desire to shock and make people who wear the products and those who see them laugh. Undz is not afraid to illustrate his wildest thoughts and use crazy, explicit, and completely exploded imagery to achieve his goals.

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Bamboo Underwear

Bamboo Underwear black G-string thong

Bamboo Underwear is a brand that focuses mainly on the comfort of its underwear and its environmental aspect. Its fabrics are made of bamboo viscose woven from organic bamboo. This company is committed to making a positive impact on the environment, while offering extremely comfortable products. To make a difference in the fight against climate change, Bamboo Underwear has carbon neutral shipping. Thus, every carbon cost created by the expeditions is bought to neutralize the bad impacts. In addition, 100% of the shipping bags are made from recycled materials. The bags are therefore totally recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and even reusable!

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