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Happy Birthday, Mesbobettes!

Well, guess what? At the beginning of September, Mesbobettes blows out its 13 candles!

 You read that right, 13 years of pure challenges, accomplishments and an entrepreneurial roller coaster.

So how did it all start?

In 2010, David and Philippe headed Lubie, a Web marketing agency renowned for its creativity and audacity. At the time, e-commerce was in its infancy and the entrepreneurial duo had a desire to develop this niche skill in their business. At this time they launched an innovative internal project: that of developing their electronic commerce while testing the basics of marketing and communication.

To make this project a reality, they have to find THE PRODUCT to feature on this famous new e-commerce platform. A popular product, which everyone needs, easy to send by post… And eureka! This is where the idea of ​​underwear appears.

What was initially conceived as an internal project, has transformed into a company of its own over time. And now, 13 years later, Philippe and David are still at the helm of Mesbobettes.

4 questions for Phil

A moment that marked you in the last 13 years
My appearance on the show Dans l'oeil du Dragon .
It was quite an experience, both professionally and humanly. Filming was still stressful, it's intimidating to talk to high-level entrepreneurs. We knew that the TV broadcast would surely create a buzz around the brand. So when we found out that our segment was going to be the first show of the season, we were stressed that we hadn't received our inventory, the timing was really tight! Fortunately, everything went well and our appearance at Dans l'œil du dragon was a good lever to promote our products.
PS: Even though two dragons made us an offer, it did not materialize in the end.
A challenge when you are an entrepreneur
Coping with business and family and finding balance. It's hard to be good, dedicated, and everywhere at the same time.

What makes Dave a good business partner
Dave is a super precise, meticulous and well-organized guy. He is ambitious, he is not afraid to take risks. It's inspiring for me to follow him, it pushes me to improve myself. On top of all that, we get along well, we understand each other and we have fun together. We have always complemented each other in our strengths and also in the management of our daily challenges. When one of the two is down, the other is there to help and it's been like that for 13 years.

Where do you see Mesbobettes in 5 years? 
I would like to continue working on growing the business while improving things along the way. Whether it concerns the products, the processes, or the offer in the store, we first want to build on solid ground to continue our momentum.

4 questions for Dave

A moment that marked you in the last 13 years
Several moments have marked me over the past 13 years. It starts with the creation of the company, the brainstorming to find the type of product, the creation of the brand, the marketing and the creation of e-commerce. This same E-Commerce which won a Boomerang prize awarded by Infopresse, for the best electronic commerce, tied with the Adviso agency and Cascade's electronic commerce. Olivier Dion's time at Star Académie and the great visibility that followed. There's also our history with Éric Salvail, how he became a shareholder of the company and all the exposure that gave us.
A challenge when you are an entrepreneur
I agree with Phil. Being an entrepreneur has an impact on all facets of my life and that of my family. Having a business is very present, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I would compare it to having several children.

What makes Phil a good business partner
Philippe is constantly evolving and improving as an entrepreneur and manager. It's like fine wine, it gets better with age! He masters all aspects of the business. He is always in solution mode to solve problems and is not afraid to put both hands in it. As CEO, he is able to answer questions concerning all positions in the company. Whether it's a bug with our shipping software, inventory management, marketing promos, encounters with financiers and banks, etc. Finally, we complement each other well, because we are very complementary and different. I'm more introverted, I like to work behind the camera, alone or with my team. In everyday life, I am less of a people person. Philippe, on the contrary, is very people. His human qualities and his emotional intelligence make him an excellent leader. He listens to everyone in the company, which is very appreciated, the team members give the best of themselves and appreciate their work.

Where do you see Mesbobettes in 5 years?
It's very difficult to say! If I look back over the past 5 years, I couldn't have predicted everything we've been through. My wish is that Mesbobettes continues to be a profitable company, with a turnover that is constantly growing organically. Finally, a greater presence in Quebec with the opening of small stores across Quebec.

Thank you all!

Finally, for this 13th anniversary, we cannot overlook the importance of those who played a role in this incredible adventure. From the dedicated employee to the loyal customer, to loved ones and families, to everyone: it's time to raise our glasses to celebrate this milestone!

So, happy 13th, Mesbobettes! We can't wait to see what comes next. 🎉🥂

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