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Before praising this unloved fashion sock, let's start with the statistics of a European study that may surprise you and make you smile:

  • In Britain, it's the mother who buys the socks
  • In Switzerland, one in ten people wear the same stockings for more than two days
  • In Italy, one in ten people change stockings more than once a day

But one thing remains the same in all the countries surveyed: the older you get, the less often you change stockings. And you, your frequency for changing your stockings, what is it? Who buys your stockings? And do you consider socks to be an important fashion accessory?

Because we believe that the sock has an essential role to play in the whole look! For what? We have prepared a small list for you to explain it to you.

To express your style

Yes! Men's socks allow you to assert your personal style. From bold and colourful patterns to understated and classic designs, there are tons of options to suit all tastes. By taking the time to choose the bottoms that match your personality and your outfit, you add a touch of creativity to your style.

Are you looking for a classic? Check out the Nu brand.

Are you looking for something more daring? With Bodyskin, Hook or Funzy, you should find what you are looking for.

To match your outfit perfectly

Stockings can be used to finish a look in a subtle way. If you wear, for example, a more formal outfit and you choose sober socks, Ta-dah! you have just completed your style. For more relaxed outfits, you can try the daring socks, with fun patterns to add an original touch to your look of the day. You can also go with a completely heterogeneous style by mixing sober clothes and funky bottoms. We are all free from the sock!

Choice of materials and comfort

Yes, aesthetics is important, but the choice of materials for the socks is just as essential. Cotton socks are very popular for their breathability and ability to absorb moisture. There is also bamboo, which is gaining popularity for its freshness and unparalleled comfort. For winter or for the chilly, there are wool or cashmere socks that offer better thermal insulation.

Do you want cotton stockings? Visit the Hook section.

Want bamboo socks? There are several options in the Bodyskin brand.

Do your feet need warmth? We have a three-pack of Bodyskin stockings for just $9.99.

A few tips

  • Socks that don't fit properly can be uncomfortable and deteriorate faster. Choose socks adapted to your size!
  • Thicker socks are ideal for sports activities or colder days and thinner socks are better suited to dress shoes.
  • Following the care instructions can prolong the life of the socks. Some pairs, depending on the fabric, may require hand washing or even air drying.

So if you want to give your feet and your look a gift, treat yourself to comfortable stockings to your liking. And with the ton of choices we have in store, you will certainly find the right sock. Happy shopping!

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