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Don't like to shop?

Do you use your underwear excessively before buying new ones?

Don't know where to start when it's time to choose your new underwear?

We thought we'd do you a little favour and explore the world of underpants with you.

Let's start by going around the cups

The underpants

The slip (or the brief) is the famous traditional underpants that was born around the middle of the 19th century.

  • Perfect for anyone who doesn't like the look of long underwear
  • Briefs are underwear with less fabric than boxers.
  • Ideal for anyone who feels discomfort around the thighs or crotch when wearing boxers

The short boxer

In 1925, the boxing equipment company Everlast launched the first boxer shorts. To promote movement during boxing matches, Everlast adds an elastic to the waist of its products. Ta-dah, this is a first! And that's where the name boxer comes from! Over time, it was greatly popularized by the Calvin Klein brand.

  • The fabric ends at the upper part of the thigh
  • The inseam is 3 inches (half less than a regular boxer)
  • The boxer short is particularly popular among men between 45 and 54 years old

The boxer

The boxer is a model that is gaining more and more popularity. And yes, that's what the majority of men wear today!

  • The fabric does not go up on the thigh
  • Inseam is 6 inches
  • Warning: Whoever tries it tends to adopt it

The long boxer

The long boxer is the best friend of amateur or professional athletes!

  • To promote sports practice, it is often made from a technical fabric
  • Inseam is 9 inches
  • Warning: With its larger coverage, it can be hotter than other models

The G-string

The G-string (also called thong, although it's not quite the same thing) is the most minimalist men's underwear.

  • With its thin strip of fabric at the back, it leaves the buttocks bare
  • It offers great freedom of movement
  • It is considered bolder than other underwear

the jock

The jock was first created to provide specific support to athletes. But it is now also recognized for highlighting the male behind!

  • Its elastic bands at the bottom of the buttocks provide a lifting effect
  • He leaves his buttocks uncovered
  • It provides great support in the front

Let's continue with the most popular fabrics

The cotton

It is still to this day, the most widespread vegetable fibre in the world of clothing!

  • Clothing made from cotton is often more affordable
  • The fabric is soft and comfortable
  • Warning: It absorbs moisture, so it is not recommended for sports activities
  • Warning: It tends to shrink or fade over time


The modal

Modal is a fibre of natural origin created artificially from wood (it is a type of viscose).

  • It is 50% more absorbent than cotton
  • The modal is very soft and light
  • It generally resists shrinkage


Bamboo is a natural fibre, ultra-popular for its softness, freshness and comfort.

  • It is 5 times more absorbent than cotton
  • Bamboo has antibacterial and hypoallergenic properties
  • Growing bamboo requires little water and no pesticides (compared to cotton)

There are many other fabrics, so if you want to know more, discover the little guide we designed.

Let's continue with some technical elements

The pocket 

Pocket to pocket, bag to bag, balls parachute, ball tent… No matter what name you give it, the pocket is there to give you the best comfort!

  • Keep the package in place
  • Eliminates friction between testicles and thighs
  • Attention: The pocket models are different from one brand to another

Front opening

The famous fly.

  • Facilitate what you imagine it facilitates
  • Ideal for men in a hurry


The elastic band

It was the Everlast company that designed the first elastic boxing band. It was to replace the belt which was… in leather!

  • Can be wide or thin, depending on the brands
  • Quality elastic band won't roll and wicks moisture well


And the prices?

There are as many models and styles as there are prices! You can find $5 boxers, like $50 boxers.

  • The more resistant and quality a fabric is, the more expensive the product will be.
  • Cotton products are generally less expensive than bamboo products
  • Underwear with pockets is more expensive: their design and manufacture
    are more complex than a regular boxer. Some pockets are even patented, this is the case of our pocket pocket!

So how do you choose the underwear that's right for you?

So what is the recipe? It's to wear what makes you comfortable, comfortable and good about yourself. It's also not being afraid to dare bold styles and try new models. And all this, while respecting the budget that is good for you!

So we hope to have helped you to see a little more clearly in this vast universe that is that of underwear. Happy shopping my friend!

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