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Philippe Vachon is a bit like the Maurice Richard of underpants. Despite the many obstacles, debacles and difficulties, he never stopped and always rose again.

The drafted player

A dreamer like the little hockey player, he put his CEGEP studies on hold and went into business for the first time at the age of 19 with the sports company Maverick. Fast on his skates, the young adult is quickly successful. But the puck is not in Phil's camp: overnight, a fire takes away Maverick along with his hope for an early victory in the world of entrepreneurship.

A dream on ice

He who considered going back to school accepts an interesting job offer at Xerox without losing sight of his dream. Shortly after, a stimulating project presented itself to him: his childhood friend, David Côté-Hamel, wanted to start his web advertising agency. We are then in 2008.

Phil to Lubie

The company flourished quickly, hired about twenty professionals and stood out from its competition. This is Phil's second entrepreneurial experience. Our player's second season is not going to be as easy as he would like. Outside of his field of expertise, Phil sometimes feels like an impostor at the agency.

The start of a game

In 2010, the stars aligned and he entered the big leagues. His return to the retail trade is with Mesbobettes. The men's underwear company is intended as a test project: the two entrepreneurs will try out their online marketing strategy.

Phil to V

A heavy defeat

Phil scored two hat tricks with Olivier Dion and the Clic Clic commercial for Club MesBobettes. We are then in 2015 and despite some injuries, Mesbobettes is doing well. However, the double failure of stores in the Montreal area jeopardizes the entrepreneurial future of our athlete. Tenacious and persevering, Phil rolls up his sleeves. With Dave's help, he restructures and relaunches the company, creates his brand of boxers and moves to the Dragons. Since then, the two guys have only accumulated victories.

Phil to the Dragons

The Champion's Return

If Phil is the Maurice Richard of underpants, it's for all those times when he was stubborn and showed determination and courage, just like the emblematic figure of hockey. Despite the total loss of his first business and the many hardships experienced with Mesbobettes, the man never gave up.

Where does this personality trait come from? His sporting career in his youth, his experiences as team captain. Phil has always been a go-getter, a guy who was on the move. President of his secondary school, he showed leadership from his childhood.

Just like Maurice Richard, he no longer intends to stop. The next step: advising new entrepreneurs and becoming an investor.

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