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Phil, the general manager of Mesbobettes, was invited to the Hypercroissance podcast . Launched by the J7 media agency , the audio series discusses business development and these challenges with successful businessmen and women!

And God knows that even if Mesbobettes has been growing dazzlingly in recent years, the company has experienced darker times in the past! It is therefore a perfect program for those passionate about entrepreneurship and the business world.

In this episode, Phil discusses the challenges he's faced on his journey as an entrepreneur while sharing his advice! Here are some questions that are addressed:

  • Why is it better to manufacture and sell your product than to be a service provider?
  • How do you go from a web agency to an underwear retailer?
  • What are the reasons that led him to create his own brand of men's underwear?
  • How did he come to place the company under the Bankruptcy Protection Act and what did he get out of it?

Listen to the Hypercroissance podcast to take advantage of Phil's advice and the experience of a Quebec company that has managed to achieve sales in the millions of dollars in less than 3 years!

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