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Enjoy summer in underwear

With the arrival of good weather, don't wonder where we are on Friday afternoons. From June 25, the office workers of Mesbobettes will be in chest, on the edge of their swimming pool to have their rind browned.

Encourage the soul to happiness

Summer is slowly taking over. The company will therefore offer a break to its faithful soldiers so that they can enjoy their children, their garden, the swimming pool, nature or even nothing at all! Summer happiness is having time to enjoy a drink on your terrace on a beautiful afternoon, having a picnic with the little brats, sipping a gin and tonic with its sweet or setting off to discover Quebec. . But, the season is short. With an extra afternoon off, that will give us a little more time to indulge in these little pleasures!

Live fully

The guys thus offer better working conditions, of course, but also a well-deserved quality of life for their employees. Especially in these more gloomy times, well-being at work is key. At Mesbobettes, we believe that a job does not define their life, it is only a tiny part of it. This is why we put happiness first: more time for the family, for personal projects, better sleep and better psychological health, less stress and exhaustion. Our underpants experts will have the chance to better balance work and personal life. They will come back to us refreshed, their heads full of creative projects and crazy ideas.

Good weather, bad weather

Whether it's raining to drink standing up, whether it's cold or the sun beats down to the point of grilling you a burger on your asphalt pavement, the headquarters of Mesbobettes will be on break. Even if you write us twelve messages, call us three times and comment on all our Facebook posts, don't expect to receive a response between Friday afternoon and Monday morning. The customer service, marketing team and associates will be off chasing the butterflies. On the other hand, we will all be at the station on Monday morning fresh and ready to respond to the underwear crises of the weekend with even more finesse and tact!

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