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The Papa gourmet employees of Mesbobettes

To offer you a product as unique and vibrant as the Papa gourmet pack, we have teamed up with exceptional partners. Our expertise is underwear, not barbecues or cooking! So we recruited the best grill experts and a reputable Quebec company and joined forces to create a complete gift box and recipe booklet.

Papa Gourmet Burger Recipe Booklet

Adventurous dad with the barbecue princess

Leslie Roark Scott is the owner and chef of Ubon's BBQ in Texas. Since 1989, she has participated in numerous culinary competitions across the United States and on television shows alongside her father, the legendary Pitmaster Garry Roark. His recipe: a burger topped with blueberry sauce with a bacon-wrapped duck patty.

The Handyman with Chef Joe BBQ

Joe is a barbecue enthusiast. He even created his 100% barbecue catering business . His grill, he uses it morning, noon and evening, summer and winter. Lunch, meal or dessert, nothing stops him. For Father's Day, he made you a recipe for a burger stuffed with Mac n' Cheese! Tasty…

A creative by a unique Cool Dad

mexican burger

In our exclusive booklet, we wanted to include a recipe from the public. We teamed up with Cool Dad to organize a contest. What is Cool Dad ? It is above all a blog that promotes active fatherhood by offering mutual aid between fathers with humor, simplicity and self-mockery. The two Jeffs rallied their community and Patrick Tremblay won with his Mexican burger combining the authentic taste of chipotle sausages, guacamole and aioli.

Programmer-analyst, video game columnist, Patrick is a dedicated family man and a fan of cooking and mixology. He takes pleasure in experimenting and combining different flavors. In the kitchen, there is only one thing that is important to him: having fun while eating.

Eco-dad by an inventive entrepreneur

Firebarns Original Veggie Burger Recipe

Founded in 2015 by Frank Ménard and Pierre-Olivier Drouin, Firebarns offers a full range of hot sauces, barbecue sauces, condiments and spices from its own Quebec harvest of hot peppers. The company quickly became a staple in the market. In addition to offering sauce pairings with each burger in the booklet, Firebarns has also reinterpreted the vegetarian burger. Made with Portobello mushrooms and Jalapenos, this two-tier burger is refined, original and indulgent.

Recipe from a BBQ legend for grill geeks

Sous-vide burger recipe

Sean Brasel is co-owner and executive chef of Meat Market , Florida. Named God of the Grill by Food Republic, he owns several award-winning establishments, has made several appearances in the American media and has won several awards to recognize his contribution to grill culture. The recipe developed for the Papa Gourmet booklet highlights sought-after foods such as truffles as well as state-of-the-art kitchen tools to obtain a tasty burger.

Father fisherman by a recognized Quebec personality

Veggie burger by a recognized Quebec chef

Ian Perreault is a consultant chef who has worked in the culinary world for over 30 years. With his team of consultants, chefs, maîtres d'hôtel, sommeliers and other stakeholders in the sector, he offers hisconsulting service to optimize the implementation of projects in the restaurant sector. Its semi-cooked salmon and tofu emulsion burger has everything to please fans of fine cuisine!

Sophisticated Dad by a BBQ Epicurean

Creative from the world of events and communications, Guillaume Couture is one of the partners of Boucan Boucherie & Traiteur in Quebec. Butcher, retail, catering service, accredited training service and producer of by-products, Le Boucan is more than a smoke show! With its hot pudding burger and its gravi des rois, it will delight your taste buds.

The traditional by the blue cord of the grill

Canadian godfather of the grill, Ted Reader is a multi-talented author, chef and entrepreneur. Former chef of the Rogers Center in Toronto and then executive chef for President's Choice, the columnist and professor now owns his own business. His recipe: a crispy meatball cheeseburger.

Certainly, our skewer of grill experts has been able to innovate and offer you reinvented recipes. In addition to being the most comfortable dad of all, your dad will become a grill pro.

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