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Without knowing it, you surely make one of these mistakes when it comes to your underpants. However, the type of underwear you choose and your habits influence the health of your family jewels, so it is important that you pay attention to these little things!

Naked you will sleep

Sleeping in underwear at night… what a blunder. In addition to being much more interesting to stick naked with your half, the experts recommend sleeping in your simplest device to aerate your eggplant well and keep it at the right body temperature. It has even been proven that excess heat in the intimate area harms the quality of sperm… If sleeping naked is not for you, choose loose boxers , also called underpants! It will give them a chance to air out a bit.

Below you will be

day underwear

Conversely, not wearing underwear during the day is just as bad. While your testicles need some air at night, they need to be protected during the day from the threat of your jeans. These are not made to be worn without underwear. The seams will certainly tickle your assets aggressively. The natural humidity produced by your private parts will have nowhere to go and will accumulate… You also have to admit, wearing underwear greatly reduces your chances of getting your hair caught in the zip of your jeans!

The tight-fitting underpants, you will favor

Well-fitting underwear

You want a tight, revealing, sexier effect, so you opt for very tight underwear. It may even have happened to you to buy a smaller size of underwear! But, in addition to betraying your figure, skimpy underwear increases friction in the intimate area and unwanted rubbing that causes irritation of the parts… It also prevents good blood circulation and even causes a fungal infection. In addition, this kind of pressure on the testicles can be very harmful to their health. If your panties are not the right size for you, you risk testicular torsion which causes severe pain and the cessation of the blood supply in your precious jewels.

The right cut of panties, you will choose

Men's underwear cut

Now there are more and more different bob cuts. Stings, briefs, short, regular or long boxers, loose boxers, the choice is great. Each model highlights a type of silhouette and is best suited to a type of activity. If you are not sure of your choice, do not hesitate to call on the help of our team of advisors, online or in store! You can also read our article on underwear cuts .

The quality underwear you will wear

Quality underwear

Another common mistake, buying sets at the big box stores at low prices. $20 boxer sets use lesser quality fabrics that irritate the skin. The seams are usually exposed which leave traces in the skin and under your clothes. The basic cut offers little support and fits poorly to the body. Top quality underwear like Saxx , Hook Underwear and BN3TH are made with natural fabrics that are soft as the sky and have developed patented technologies to give you better support! Good news, these brands are also available in packs .

Well dry, you'll be

Dry underwear

If you are part of the seasoned sweat team, you should change your underwear twice a day! If you exercise, don't make the mistake of putting on the same panties. Sweat and bacteria go hand in hand… The humid environment is their ideal environment and they will be happy to proliferate. Hello infections and bad smells.

The sports underwear, you will adopt

sports underwear

Are you the type to move a lot and play sports? To avoid irritation, the accumulation of sweat and bacteria and eliminate the discomfort of repetitive movements, several underwear have been designed for active men. This is the case, for example, of the Renew collection by Hook Underwear. Equipped with the pocket to pocket, these underwear eliminate the friction between your testicles and your thighs and support your package in place. Its microperforated fabric lets excess sweat escape! Besides, Fred likes them for hot summer days and not just for his golf games or jogging.

The right laundry routine you will employ

How you wash and dry your underwear affects their quality and durability. The fabric loses its elasticity due to the heat of the dryer which will make it soft and loose. The best option is to lay your underwear flat to dry and wash them in cold water!

The detergent, you will choose

Laundry detergent is both your best friend and your worst enemy. Although it helps keep your underwear clean, it can cause itching, allergies, and dermatitis. Look for a fragrance-free soap that is also hypoallergenic.

The washing you will do

Underwear for the week

I hope you have already understood that wearing the same underpants for more than one day is highly inadvisable. Full of sweat or dirt, your underwear no longer protects you against bacteria. According to Philip Tierno, director of the microbiology clinic at New York University, a pair of previously worn underwear contains between 0.10 to 1 grams of feces. So it's putting your precious jewelry back in your old excrement! And what about those who put on the same panties after washing… What counter-productivity! Mesbobettes' pack of the week is here to save your balls and above all to avoid doing laundry during the week!

There are things to know about panties! To help you, take a look at our blog to discover a host of tips and information on panties.

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