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Mesbobettes has good news for you: the company is launching its ambassador program to promote men's underwear, the love of comfort and beautiful underpants… because we can't take old men's rags anymore!

The program

Since its creation, Mesbobettes has made it its mission to spread the comfort of family jewels to Quebec men. Even if the company has changed a lot since 2010, our essence remains the same: we want you to discover the most comfortable brands and put to death the irritation, the discomfort and the old overused panties. Our new representatives will spread the good news and promote stylish and cozy underpants for the greatest pleasure of the male apparatus.



In addition to receiving free products, the Mesbobettes ambassador will receive a 10% rebate on the sales he generates…yes, 10%. So if your subscribers fall in love with our underwear and buy $10,000 in one month, you'll pocket a check for $1,000! It also gives you the opportunity to test the products, take advantage of the visibility of our platforms, participate in our special events (post-covid, we agree) and play a role in the company by sharing your comments!

The Mesbobettes ambassadors

Do you like panties, comfort and free products? You could be part of the Mesbobettes community by joining the company's ambassador program. Both men and women are welcome! Well yes, women too, because we all know that it is often ladies who buy their spouse's panties, too horrified at the sight of their old things.

To register, you just have to visit the ambassador page of our website. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to write to us at !

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