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In 2022, David and Philippe, the founders of Mesbobettes , were in intensive research. Their mission: find the perfect place to move the company's offices and warehouse.

The team had been split into three different locations for several years and it was time to bring all these beautiful people back to one unifying and creative place!

David and Philippe have a flair for finding opportunities and they had spotted an 18,000 square foot building on Wellington Street, in the heart of downtown Sherbrooke. It had been unoccupied for several years and it seemed almost to have been forgotten.

Result: with a little love, it would become the ideal place to support the rapid growth of Mesbobettes while promoting teamwork and collaboration of all departments.

Drum roll...the team will be officially reunited from the end of April in this huge century-old premises !

How big is 18,000 square feet?

Imagine a gymnasium and you're not far away.

24-foot ceilings, brick walls, a spooky basement (they say shady things have happened there before, we'll get back to you if there's paranormal activity) and a neighborhood full of pubs and nice restaurants.

So, looking forward to meeting on the Well! :)

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