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What is the jockstrap?
The jockstrap is a very special men's underwear. Special how? He leaves the buttocks uncovered! And despite this particularity which could suggest less support for family jewels, this is not at all the case, quite the contrary.

With its elastic at the waist, its two elastic bands passing under the buttocks and its pocket for the penis and the testicles, the jockstrap offers unparalleled support!

Often worn by athletes, the jockstrap provides great comfort and excellent support during any physical exercise. Although popular within the athletic community, it is also worn as everyday underwear.

Large selection of jockstraps
Mesbobettes is pleased to offer a large selection of jockstraps in the Pump brand! We have been behind Pump! since its very beginnings and we are proud to promote this Quebec company, precursor and pioneer in the industry of undergarments, and, on an international scale. Interestingly enough, unlike most companies in the apparel industry, the manufacture of Pump! is done in Colombia and South America. Would you like to see a Making of about Pump! products? Meet here

So, if you want to try something other than a classic boxer or if you want to wear bold underwear, choose the jockstrap! In addition to discovering something new, you will have all the comfort and support you need for your private parts.

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