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Movember, Bowvember, the month of November is dedicated to human health and well-being. And with good reason! Even if the subject is more and more present, it is still too little put forward and valued.

Did you know that :

  • The suicide rate among men has been three times higher than that of women for several decades.
  • Research has shown that, starting in kindergarten, men have more developmental vulnerability indicators than girls ;
  • Men with alcohol-related problems are 2.5 times more numerous than women.
  • There are half as many men as women among people aged 90 and over;
  • Life expectancy for men is 81 years compared to 84.7 years for women according to the Institut de la statistique du Québec;

And these statistics from the Quebec Ministry of Health and Social Services are just a glimpse.

Take care of your garden - Human health

The gardener metaphor

With its “Take care of your garden” campaign, Hook contributes in its own way to this awareness month. “My body is a garden, my will is its gardener. This quote from William Shakespeare is a good illustration of what we are trying to convey to you as a message.

A garden, the more we dedicate ourselves to it, the more we invest in it, the more it will flourish and grow. If we no longer pay attention to it, it will be invaded, destroyed. The same goes for your mental and physical health. Even if you can't control everything, you still have a certain amount of control. Your health is rooted in good care and healthy habits.

Men's health - Mesbobettes

The tools and the gardener

To be the gardener's helper to your own soul, equip yourself with the right tools. There are resources for all types of psychological and physical ailments. Even if we hear little about it, many organizations are present to support men in their various challenges: mental health, separation, addiction, illness.

Procure Pack - Prostate Cancer

MesBobettes has chosen to integrate its “Take care of your garden” campaign into a fundraising campaign for human health. Thus, for each Procure pack sold during the month of November, we will donate $5 to the Quebec organization Procure, which fights against prostate cancer. If you don't know where to start, the Procure pack from Hook is a small first step towards comfort and a big step for human health.

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