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During our last photo session, Mesbobettes had the chance to discover Domaine 360. We wanted to share our experience with you and take you behind the scenes of this splendid residence simply because it is breathtaking. Rustic, elegant, it offers a superb panorama, but also a warm decor which gave rise to charming photos.

Christmas photoshoot - Domaine 360

With its huge lot, its wooded trails and more than twenty different rooms, you will understand that it was the perfect place for us to take photos and showcase our products.

360 domain in summer

My feeling when I arrived on the scene was that of a unifying and peaceful place. My favorite room, the dormitory in the attic! It makes you want to go back to childhood and sleep there with your 7 cousins, laugh until dawn and listen to movies wrapped up like we did so well when we were young! We were therefore inspired to take a few photos of couples where our two lovers teased each other and danced.

Dormitory - Domain 360
Dormitory - Domain 360

But the chalet has much more to offer than a dormitory. Each of the rooms is cozy and welcoming. Unfortunately, we didn't take pictures in the bedrooms… with a couple in their underwear, it always looks like they're going to play under the covers. Our photographer therefore rather exploited the living room in all its angles to image different scenes of the daily life of our couple on vacation!

360 domain lounge

Since it was winter, and in Quebec, you don't go outside in underwear if you're sane in such cold weather, we couldn't show you the panorama. However, I let you judge for yourself and discover the landscape that surrounds the chalet.

Anyway, if I have any advice for you, it's to get together with your friends, your family or your colleagues and book yourself a weekend vacation as soon as it is possible to do so and take lots of photos. ! Thanks to the Homans family for giving us the opportunity to discover this place and do our photo shoot there. What a find!

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