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Underpants, boxers, thongs, we can no longer say that men lack choice in terms of underwear. Even selecting the right model for you can be a problem. MesBobettes helps you untangle the different male underwear to avoid embarrassing situations like the one below and make you look like a king in your underwear.

The little new: the pocket to pocket

The newest arrival in the world of men's underwear is the pocket-to-pocket boxer . With this new model, no more stuck, irritated and dangling package. This technology eliminates the friction of the legs with the testicles and keeps everything in place. You will certainly no longer need to replace your family jewels. For the rest, it is in every way similar to the boxer cut: 5 to 6 inseam, fitted, mid-thigh.

Boxers with a pocket

The appeal of pocket-to-pocket boxers now makes them the #1 choice of a majority of men. Good for all silhouettes, it will accompany you in all your activities: sport, relaxation, work.

The classic, version 2.0


The classic cut known to all is the underpants . Not your grandfather's old white model, think again. It is now possible to be sexy and have style even in underwear. Loved for its comfort, it envelops the buttocks while leaving the upper thighs exposed. The tight coverage of the parts provides good support. It also helps to avoid friction with the thighs. The emphasis is on the hips and the Y-shaped cut sculpts the silhouette.

This makes it an excellent model for men with imposing thighs or for those who are pampered by nature. Many also like to practice a sport.


The boxer is a mixture of underpants and underpants. Tight like the first and long like the second, this underwear is fitted to the body. With its 5" to 6" inseam, it covers from the hips to mid-thigh. The elongated leg allows better freedom of movement than short boxers since the fabric will not tend to ride up on the thigh. The male sex appreciates it for its versatility: this underwear is well suited for sports, for work or for relaxing in the evening at home.


This model of underwear emphasizes the muscles of the thigh, perfect for large men or those with good buttocks.

Short boxers

Short boxers

Similar to the boxer cut, the boxer short is more boxy. The fork measures between 2 and 4 in. Adjusted, this model delimits the shapes of the body for a more seductive effect. Its negative point: with its small crotch, it can go up along the thigh which leads you to do the famous “move” of the guy who is not comfortable in his underpants.

It's still a good choice for those with thin legs!

Long boxers

Long boxers

The long boxer has a 9" inseam. It is fitted to the body and stops above the knee. It is generally the sporty men who wear it during their training.

Loose boxers

Loose Boxers or Underpants

The lousse boxer or underpants is loose and flared. Inseam measures 5". The freedom of movement offered makes it a good underwear for relaxation or night. This more "relaxed" model has little support and causes friction between the parts and the thighs.

Boxer shorts are the choice that offers maximum ventilation. Take note that it emphasizes the hips and can either give the impression of having a wider lower body or very slim legs.

Thongs and thongs


Men's thongs and thongs are gaining more and more popularity. They only cover the parts generally leaving the buttocks completely exposed. The minimalist cut exposes the musculature and emphasizes the masculine forms. This model offers good support and is invisible under clothing. For those who don't like having a strip of fabric that goes between the buttocks, the jocks have elastics located under the posterior.

This is the underwear to wear under fitted linens.

Men's underwear cup

If you want our opinion, Mesbobettes would tell you that it's the little new pocket-to-pocket boxer that is our favorite. Comfortable, it offers the support of the underwear, does not roll up like the short boxer in addition to eliminating the friction of your family jewels with the skin around. It's the best of all worlds.

Now that you have learned more about the cuts of underwear, you must choose the fabric of your next underwear. Did you know that we recommend avoiding cotton for sports?

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