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MesBobettes has good news for you: Hook Underwear has just launched its next collection of boxers. Colourful, vibrant patterns, comfortable underwear, the new products from the young brand have something for everyone.

New Male Underwear Designs

Among the new patterns, retro travelers will find what they're looking for. Summer illustrates campers, old cars, beach balls in summery and refreshing hues. Winter sports enthusiasts will find themselves in the Blue Winter model with its skates, oil lanterns, cocottes and snowshoes. A total of 20 products have been added to the catalog of the Quebec brand, thus satisfying lovers of dinosaurs, pineapples, mustaches, games of chance, marine life...

Underwear model improvements

Hook didn't limit itself to creating new patterns. The company listened to customer feedback and perfected its boxer and pocket-to-pocket pattern. The third generation of Hook underwear offers even more comfort and support to better withstand your multiple battles of the day.

Size difference of Hook Underwear

Added space to accommodate your best features

A significant change is the standardization of boxer sizing to reflect the reality of the underwear market. The flexibility of the new elastic band and its rounder cut, less A-line, make it more comfortable. A person who was so tight in a wide before, will now be more comfortable.

Hook boxer length

The now more spacious pocket pocket offers more space to accommodate your nuts. Following several customer comments, it has been widened on the side, top and bottom. It is more in front of the boxer, which creates a rising effect. With the new version, we remove the nuts from the nutcracker (which are your legs). Rather than being integrated into the classic model of boxers and crushing your pack against your body while isolating it from the rest, the pocket now protrudes as if you were depositing your family jewels in a small basket that supports the whole thing.

Hook Underwear bamboo fabric

The bamboo fabric still provides just as much softness. The Hooks literally give the impression of having their family jewels wrapped in a cloud. Antibacterial, eco-responsible, refreshing, the textile is even more resistant.

Hook Underwear Men's Underwear

The elastic band of the boxer is no longer the same. Softer and more supple, it offers increased comfort and hugs the waist gently. You almost feel like your better half is hugging you.

Hook's underwear offers you even more comfort, support and resistance than before. We really hope you enjoy these improvements. Do not hesitate to send us your comments and suggestions via email or on our social media!

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