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This year, no cinoches or five-course restaurants. No romantic weekends at the hotel, without children, happy to escape the fear that a little one opens the door at the wrong time or that the baby wakes up crying. Despite this other restricted party, Mesbobettes and Hook Underwear wanted you to stop by, have fun, spice up your love life.

More than just panties as a gift

On February 14, after your take-out dinner, after putting the children to bed, it will finally be time to take out your boyfriend's gift, the Pack in the air , to light some candles and to uncork the bottle of wine you keep for a special occasion since the birth of the youngest. Armed with your cup of wine, your best attributes and your libido, you will give your present to your other half.

Pairs in the air game

The Pack in the air is not a pack like the others. Yes, the Kamasutra boxer and the black and red boxer from Hook Underwear will offer love and tenderness to your man's two doves. Certainly, her posterior dressed in her sensual underpants will catch your eye. We get along, seeing nice underwear on your butt doesn't happen often. We all know that men are slow to change their old underpants. But we thought we still needed a little something extra to make your evening memorable.

Pairs up , a steamy dice game

Developed around the Kamasutra pocket-to-pocket boxer and the 28 positions illustrated therein, the erotic Pairs in the Air dice game by Mesbobettes is the secret ingredient for a torrid evening. Your goal, push back the orgasm as much as possible to pass through the 6 levels and reach the culminating point, the Kamasutra. More than just a game, Pairs in the Air is designed to lengthen the pleasure of foreplay and force you to slow down a bit!

If you also want to try the duo Pack in the air , take a look at our website. The first 500 buyers will have their game board, but don't worry... latecomers will receive an electronic version!

Frequently Asked Questions - Matching Pairs

  • Who plays first?
The partner who declared their love to the other first is the first to play and roll the dice.

  • How long does a game last?
If you follow the rules, a game lasts between 1h and 1h30. You have to take the time to take the time sometimes! But, don't worry… you won't find it too long.

  • My boyfriend always finds that things aren't going fast enough. It's normal?
Yes, men are often more in a hurry than ladies. Tsé, the male libido.

  • Do I need something to play?
If you are one of the first 500 customers, you will have the game board and the necessary dice. Otherwise, you will receive the electronic version, but you will have to find dice. In any case, you will also need ice cream, shooters, a timer. You can also prepare some sex accessories if you want like handcuffs, blindfold, whip. You will have the opportunity to use them.

  • What is the difference between a fingertip brush and a caress ?
Touch with your fingertips , it's letting your nails slide along your partner's body to give him chills. Very erotic, this gesture remains on the surface. To caress, you can go deeper and use your full hand, even a little pressure why not.

  • Why shouldn't you cum before the Kamasutra?
The object of the game is to prolong the fun and force you to stop and enjoy the moment. If you finish it too soon, it stays more routine.
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