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Are you hesitating to get better-quality panties? Here's what you need to know!

The materials

Premium quality underwear is often made from high-quality materials (Pima cotton, modal, silk or bamboo). These materials often cost more than the synthetic materials used for lower-quality underwear. Find out more about the different fabrics.


Some high-quality underwear is designed with special technologies, specifically developed to provide better fit, extra support, better breathability and improved moisture wicking.

design and brand

Brand or designer underwear has a more elaborate design, they can even be designed in Quebec (yay, this is the case for our Hook and Bodyskin products). They can also benefit from significant brand recognition.


Higher quality underwear is generally more durable and holds up better to washes and wear. They stay beautiful and it allows you to wear them again and again and again!


    So, if you are looking for good, well-designed and durable products, quality underwear is simply the best option.

    In addition to having ultra-comfortable boxers, their durability will reduce your purchase frequency. It's a win-win for your private parts and for your wallet!


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